Forex Signals for 30th November 2020

Forex Signals for 30th November 2020 … Buy GBPUSD at 1.3340 Take Profit at 1.3400 Stop loss at 1.3300 …. Buy GBPJPY at  138.60 Take profit at 139.20✔✔✔ Stop loss at 138.00 …. Buy EurUsd at 1.19680 Take Profit at 1.1220 Stop loss at 1.1900 …. Buy Xauusd at 1773 Take Profit at 1783✔✔ StopContinue reading “Forex Signals for 30th November 2020”

Forex Signals for 24th November 2020

Forex Signals for 24th November 2020 GBPUSD/GBPJPY  GBPUSD will likely retest 1.3390. Target should be 1.3400 For now there has been a cooling down in brexit information which had increased the volatility for the two pairs.  EURUSD  Long term target is 1.2000.  For swing traders with enough funds in their account place trades starting fromContinue reading “Forex Signals for 24th November 2020”

Forex signals Monday 29/6/2020

Forex signals Monday 29/6/2020 Gold buy 1773 Take Profit at 1780 Stop loss 1769 …..   EurUsd buy at 1.1280 Take Profit at 1.1320 Stop loss 1.1200 …….   Buy EurGbp at 0.9158 Take Profit at 0.9198 Stop Loss @ 0.9120 …….  Need to start forex trading. Then join our number one broker here #GBPUSD SELL STOPContinue reading “Forex signals Monday 29/6/2020”

10 mistakes to avoid in Forex trading

10 mistakes to avoid in Forex trading  If you aim to become a successful and profitable forex trader, there are a number of seriously damaging mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. It should go without saying that you will make some mistakes when learning how to trade. It’s simply unavoidable. This is not necessarily aContinue reading “10 mistakes to avoid in Forex trading”