Forex signals week(21-25/9/2020)

Test the signals before placing. 🔹SELL EURAUD @1.6233 🔹Sell limit @1.6251🔹Sell limit @1.6300🔹Tp1: 1.6000🔹Tp2: 1.5882🔹Tp3: 1.5708♦️SL: 1.6370 🔹BUY EURCHF @1.0789 🔹Buy limit @1.0750🔹Tp1: 1.0938♦️SL:1.0720 🔹SELL GBPCHF @1.1765 🔹Sell limit @1.1834🔹Sell limit @1.1864🔹Tp1: 1.1600🔹Tp2: 1.1519♦️SL: 1.1937 🔹BUY GOLD(XAUUSD) @1948 🔹Buy limit @1941🔹Buy limit @1932🔹Tp1: 1991🔹Tp2: 2028♦️SL: 1927 ❗️careful with this. It’s highly volatile. Not suitable forContinue reading “Forex signals week(21-25/9/2020)”

Forex Signals for the week (31-4/9/20)

Do you want to start forex trading click here 🔹BUY AUDUSD @0.7365🔹BUY LIMIT @0.7290🔹BUY LIMIT @0.7222🔹TP1: 0.7427🔹TP2: 0.7507🔹TP3: 0.7592♦️SL: 0.7153 🔹SELL EURAUD @1.6160🔹SELL LIMIT @1.6278🔹SELL LIMIT @1.6376🔹TP1: 1.6060🔹TP2: 1.5960🔹TP3: 1.5852♦️SL: 1.6512 🔹SELL EURCAD @1.5593🔹SELL LIMIT @1.5644🔹SELL LIMIT @1.5674🔹TP1: 1.5493🔹TP2: 1.5394🔹TP3: 1.5297♦️SL: 1.5767 🔹SELL EURJPY @125.39🔹SELL LIMIT @125.87🔹SELL LIMIT @126.25🔹TP1: 124.39🔹TP2: 123.84🔹TP3: 121.57♦️SL: 127.03 🔹SELL EURNZDContinue reading “Forex Signals for the week (31-4/9/20)”

Introduction to Forex trading

Forex trading involves buying and selling of currency.  Currencies are traded as pairs.  For example Euro and US dollar written as EurUsd,  Euro and Great Britain pound written as EurGbp, Great Britain pound and US dollar written as GbpUsd.  The first mentioned currency is known as the base currency.  For example the EurUsd, the EuroContinue reading “Introduction to Forex trading”

Gold extended gains on Wednesday

Gold extended gains on Wednesday as global equity markets eased after a recent rally, while U.S. Treasury yields dropped ahead of the outcome of the Federal Reserve’s meeting that is expected to shed light on the state of the economy and further stimulus. Spot gold XAU= was up 0.1% at $1,715.43 per ounce, as ofContinue reading “Gold extended gains on Wednesday”