Forex Signals for 04th December 2020

Forex Signals for 04th December 2020 … Buy GBPUSD at 1.3467 Take Profit at 1.3520 Stop loss at 1.3400 …. Buy GBPJPY at  139.85 Take profit at 140.20 Stop loss at 139.30 …. Buy EurUsd at 1.2156 Take Profit at 1.2210 Stop loss at 1.2100 …. Buy Xauusd at 1843 Take Profit at 1853 StopContinue reading “Forex Signals for 04th December 2020”

Forex Signals for 26th November 2020

Forex Signals for 26th November 2020 … Sell GBPUSD at 1.3385 Take Profit at 1.3320✔✔✔ Stop loss at 1.3400 …. Sell GBPJPY at  139.70 Take profit at 139.20✔✔✔ Stop loss at 140 …. Buy EurUsd at 1.1920 Take Profit at 1.1200 Stop loss at 1.1850 …. Buy Xauusd at 1815 Take Profit at 1830 StopContinue reading “Forex Signals for 26th November 2020”

Forex Signals for the week (31-4/9/20)

Do you want to start forex trading click here 🔹BUY AUDUSD @0.7365🔹BUY LIMIT @0.7290🔹BUY LIMIT @0.7222🔹TP1: 0.7427🔹TP2: 0.7507🔹TP3: 0.7592♦️SL: 0.7153 🔹SELL EURAUD @1.6160🔹SELL LIMIT @1.6278🔹SELL LIMIT @1.6376🔹TP1: 1.6060🔹TP2: 1.5960🔹TP3: 1.5852♦️SL: 1.6512 🔹SELL EURCAD @1.5593🔹SELL LIMIT @1.5644🔹SELL LIMIT @1.5674🔹TP1: 1.5493🔹TP2: 1.5394🔹TP3: 1.5297♦️SL: 1.5767 🔹SELL EURJPY @125.39🔹SELL LIMIT @125.87🔹SELL LIMIT @126.25🔹TP1: 124.39🔹TP2: 123.84🔹TP3: 121.57♦️SL: 127.03 🔹SELL EURNZDContinue reading “Forex Signals for the week (31-4/9/20)”

What to watch for this week in Forex

Do you want to start forex trading click here USD: Data to play a secondary roleThe new week has started with range-bound moves in the G10 despite Asian equities having set an optimistic tone in early trading. US politics remains centre stage. Along with any developments in the US relief package talks, two threads willContinue reading “What to watch for this week in Forex”