Forex Signals for 24th November 2020

Forex Signals for 24th November 2020 GBPUSD/GBPJPY  GBPUSD will likely retest 1.3390. Target should be 1.3400 For now there has been a cooling down in brexit information which had increased the volatility for the two pairs.  EURUSD  Long term target is 1.2000.  For swing traders with enough funds in their account place trades starting fromContinue reading “Forex Signals for 24th November 2020”

Upcoming week Forex signals

Upcoming week Forex signals (15-19/6/2020) ……  XAUUSD(Gold)  …….  XAU/USD:  analysis and forecast for 12/06/2020 – 19/06/2020 The pair XAU/USD remains likely to fall. Estimated pivot point is at a level of  1764.82. Main scenario: consider short positions from corrections below the level of  1764.82 with a target of 1634.13 – 1599.64. Alternative scenario: breakout andContinue reading “Upcoming week Forex signals”