Forex Signals for 24th November 2020

Forex Signals for 24th November 2020


GBPUSD will likely retest 1.3390. Target should be 1.3400

For now there has been a cooling down in brexit information which had increased the volatility for the two pairs. 


Long term target is 1.2000.  For swing traders with enough funds in their account place trades starting from 1.1850

Forex Signals for 24th November 2020


Vaccine information has been the negative factor affecting the bullish run of Gold. Expect Gold to continue the bullish run in the long run considering low interest rates from global economies. 

There will be up and down down the road but target is 1950


It’s been a sell for the last few weeks. The New Zealand dollar has been strengthening due to a surge in Corona virus cases in Europe. Expect the sell to continue for a few weeks. 

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