EURUSD has a lot of ups and downs and trades in a narrow range ahead of FOMC decison.

Pushes back to the upside after the US retail sales.The EURUSD has been trading up and down in trading today. Just before the release of the retail sales the price did dip, but rose back toward the highs for the day. Nevertheless the range is only 23 pips versus a 70 PIP average over the last 22 trading days (about a month of trading). Traders seem to be sitting tight into the FOMC decision at 2 PM ET.

Technically, the price fell below a swing area between 1.12595 and 1.12658 in the late New York afternoon session yesterday. That took the price into the lower extreme since 30th. The low on November 30 reached 1.1233. The low on December 7 reach 1.12266. The low price yesterday bottomed at 1.1253, and could not go any further than that level today. The last dip right before the retail sales data, took the price below the lower end of that swing area at 1.12595, but once again the price quickly rebounded.

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