EUR/USD uptrend in late 2022 to be replaced by pullbacks and choppy trading conditions.

Although analysts at Rabobank are forecasting that the DXY index could end the year a little lower, they expect that 2023 will provide plenty of opportunities for USD bulls to become re-engaged. They retain a 1-month forecast of EUR/USD 1.05 and a 3-month forecast of EUR/USD 1.03.

Key quotes:

“The first trading week of the year has already seen investors question some of the strongest themes of last month. Weaker European headline inflation data have raised questions about whether it will be necessary for the ECB to maintain the degree of hawkishness it displayed last month. By contrast, signs of resilience in US labour data underpin the Fed’s protests that it may be too early to bet on a US rate cut prior to the end of this year.”

“The plunge in USD long positions and the increase in long EUR positions into the end of last year suggests that the uptrend in EUR/USD that developed in late 2022 could be replaced by pullbacks and choppy trading conditions. We maintain our 3 month EUR/USD forecast of 1.03.”

GBP/USD advances above 1.2000 after weak US PMI data

GBP/USD has extended its daily rally and advanced beyond 1.2000 on Friday. The US Dollar stays under heavy selling pressure after the data published by the ISM showed an unexpected contraction in the service sector’s business activity in December.


Gold gathers bullish momentum, rises above $1,860

Gold price gathered bullish momentum and rose above $1,860 in the American session. After the ISM Services PMI came in much worse than expected, the benchmark 10-year US Treasury bond yield is down more than 3% on the day below 3.6%, providing a boost to XAU/USD.

Gold News 

Ethereum price may drop 12% before it reaches $1,300

Ethereum price has been performing far better in comparison to other altcoins despite correcting significantly during the FTX crash. The cryptocurrency is still maintaining its macro uptrend, which is crucial for ETH to recover its losses.

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