EUR/USD set to head higher towards 1.15 over the course of 2023 .

The Dollar is heading lower. Economists at Deutsche Bank see EUR/USD rising to 1.15 over the course of 2023.The pieces are falling in place for a more sustained downturn in the Dollar

“The pieces are falling into place for a more sustained downturn in the Dollar. The combination of China reopening and improvement in the European energy situation should reduce the safe-haven premium underpinning the Dollar.”

“We are still missing the bull-steepening in the US yield curve which is typically associated with clearer USD downtrends, and the USD remains a high-yielder in a global context. But as confidence grows in a peak inflation narrative, we see EUR/USD rising to 1.15 over the course of 2023.”

“Tailwinds are seen from; a) narrowing in Fed-ECB rate differentials, and structurally easier fiscal policy in Europe; b) improvement in Europe’s basic balances given lower energy imports and a drop off in bond outflows from Europe; c) beta to China re-opening and global growth cycle; and d) large cash positions in an overvalued Dollar.”

EUR/USD reverses toward 1.0800 as US Dollar recovers

EUR/USD is falling back toward 1.0800, retracing sharply from a nine-month high of 1.0874 in early Europe. Markets are turning cautious, helping the US Dollar stage a comeback amid thin market conditions. 


GBP/USD recovers above 1.2200 amid USD rebound

GBP/USD has stalled its correction, regaining 1.2200 in the European session on Monday. The US Dollar sustains its rebound, despite bets for smaller Fed rate hikes, as risk sentiment turns sour. Recession fears weigh on Cable ahead of BoE Bailey’s testimony.


Gold retreats from nine-month peak amid modest US Dollar recovery

Gold price retreats from a nearly nine-month peak, around the $1,929 area touched earlier this Monday and remains depressed through the first half of the European session.

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