Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD back under pressure as markets correct its rate cut expectations.

Gold price back at $2,000 after Fed meeting. Economists at Commerzbank expect the yellow metal to see renewed downside pressure as the market will be forced to correct its expectation of a rapid interest rate turnaround again.

Robust Swiss Gold exports to Asia in February .“Currently the market expects key rates in the US to be lowered before year’s end, which has recently lent buoyancy to the Gold price again. However, we believe that the market will be forced to correct its expectation of a rapid interest rate turnaround again. This is likely to put XAU/USD back under pressure.” 

“The fact that the price level has repercussions for physical demand should not be ignored: Swiss Gold exports indicate that demand for Gold in China and India, in February at least, was considerably higher because prices were lower then. China’s Gold imports from Hong Kong should likewise turn out to have been correspondingly robust.”

 EUR/USD stabilizes above 1.0750, looks to post modest weekly gains

Following the sharp decline witnessed in the European session, EUR/USD has managed to recover modestly and seems to have stabilized above 1.0750 amid an improvement seen in market mood. The pair remains on track to end the week modestly higher. 


GBP/USD holds above 1.2200 heading into the weekend

GBP/USD retraced a small part of its daily decline in the American session after having tested 1.2200 earlier in the day. The US Dollar has lost some strength with Wall Street’s main indexes rebounding from opening lows, allowing the pair to limit its losses. 


Gold retreats after facing resistance at $2,000

Gold price climbed above $2,000 in the early American session but reversed its direction. With the benchmark 10-year US Treasury bond yield recovering from daily lows after Wall Street’s opening bell, XAU/USD struggles to keep its footing and trades at around $1,990.

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